Your ideal honeymoon host

01 November 2016

Your ideal honeymoon host

The honeymoon is the perfect period to know your spouse and enjoy some privacy while exploring some great places.

Book a Kerala honeymoon package from the Kerala Holidays Ltd and be ready to have a memorable vacation. We are here to help you have a mesmerising first journey that as newlyweds you are going to take.

Being in the hospitality business for the past 2 decades we know the best and quality is what we guarantee you. You wouldn't regret the decision because we know the best and our team knows every nook and corner of the state and that help us to select the best for you. Every Kerala Holiday package offers you a memorable experience. 

So what you need to do is to select a package or destination you want to spend some time and leave the rest to us, we would do all the arrangements that are needed for you to have a heavenly honeymoon experience.

Kerala is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the country.  Unlike other destinations, Kerala has got everything from beaches to hills and the enchanting backwaters. The treasures of Kerala doesn't stop there the state has a great cultural background and you could together enjoy the authentic Ayurvedic treatments such as rejuvenation therapies while you are here.

It also has many historically important places and heritage buildings. You could have a guided tour of these places to know make it more enjoyable.

Before planning the honeymoon would like to inform you that the tourism season starts in Kerala from October and till February there will be an influx of tourists into the state. But you don’t have to worry because Kerala has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The summer is not scorching as the rest of the country and you could also expect occasional showers that would cool the earth. The rainy season is from June to September and it is a great period to enjoy the romantic monsoon season of Kerala.

So pack your clothes accordingly.