The coastal city of Kollam situated on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake is an ancient trading town. The nearness to the sea and the famous backwaters make it a beautiful destination for honeymooners.

The famous Malayalam proverb 'Kollam Kandavanu Illam Venda ' (once you visit Kollam, you will not want to return to your) is a testimony to the picturesque quality of Kollam. 

A houseboat cruise on the Ashtamudi Lake will be a unique experience for the honeymooners.  The lake is also called the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala as the lake is said to be an octopus-shaped large water body with eight branches.

The boat cruise would take you through the canals surrounded by lush vegetation and the sleepy villages. The coconut groves and lush vegetation that borders these lakes and canals add to the bewitching effect of the cruise. The sight of Chinese fishing nets, the old technique with which the local people catch the fish, add to the beauty of Ashtamudi Lake.

Don't forget to visit the Kollam beach while you are here. The over a century old Tangasseri Lighthouse (the tallest in Kerala) is a major attraction here.

The nearby Tangasseri village is also a historically important area with a three-kilometre-long beach. The area is still an important settlement of Anglo-Indian population in Kerala and you can see ruins of many Dutch and Portuguese forts and old churches. Recently, the archaeologists have discovered Chinese coins and other artefacts from this area.

Thirumullavaram is a secluded beach in this district and has been called one of the beautiful and safest beaches to swim in Kerala.

If you want to experience a part of mythology visit the Jatayupara at Chadayamangalam - a giant rock where the mythical bird from Ramayana Jatayu was believed to have collapsed while trying to thwart kidnapping of Goddess Sita.

The hillock gives you a great trekking experience and the place is blessed with natural beauty.  There is a nearby temple and the annual crafts mela which is held here attracts many people.

The Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is a tropical and semi-evergreen forest cover that is part of the Western Ghats. The eco-tourism project Thenmala project is around this wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary also has a pre-historic rock shelter which contains many rock engravings from the Mesolithic period. Stone Age Culture evidences were also discovered from this area.

Another major attraction in Kollam is the Palaruvi Waterfall. The term ‘palaruvi’ means the stream of milk in Malayalam and the milky white water which falls from a height of 300 feet resembles the milk stream, hence the name. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green forest and herbal groves.  It is said that water of Palaruvi has many medicinal benefits.

The picturesque Munroe Island is a cluster of tiny islands that is surrounded by Kallada River and Ashtamudi Lake. It is also a popular picnic and tourist spot.

A visit to the Ashramam Picnic Village would help you experience the beauty of backwaters that flows on one side and the exotic beauty of nature.

The Paaramparya Museum at the picnic village has many numbers of paintings from the different part of the country and there are also many mural arts that are fine examples of the rich culture of Kerala.  You can also go for boating and fishing while you are here.

Kollam is also famous for its cashew and coir manufacturing units. 

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